Crowd-truth Gauge

Crowd-truth Gauge is a free and open-source plug-in empowering digital news readers with better data for understanding authenticity and ‘fake news.’  The plug-in has two functions: as a data-collection engine, gathering crowd-sourced information on articles; and as a ‘truth-rating’ gauge, using automated and crowd-sourced information to flag potentially problematic sites.

Over the last 6 months, we have developed prompts for engaging users through extensive research into the ‘tells’ and attributes of fake news and journalism standards. We used mechanical turk workers (a digital crowd-labor platform) to test how viable our prompts and hunches would be for crowd collected data. This user testing has been crucial in helping us understand the most effective prompts to ask users; the prompts most likely to result in high percentage of response with low percentage of false positives.

Date 2016-2017


Collaborator Sara Dean
Collaborator Caroline Crandall